Welcome & Orientation

Welcome to our 2020 Virtual Event, sponsored and produced by Prestige AV & Creative Services.  We're glad you are able to join us, if not in person, and we sincerely hope you find this event both productive and entertaining!

If this is your first time to a "virtual event", please, let us briefly show you around...



Main Stage

Most of the event's announcements and presentations will happen in real-time on the Main Stage.  Here, you will be able to witness LIVE presentations, chat with presenters and other attendees, and view the event's schedule.

Aerial view of a man using computer laptop on wooden table

Exhibit Hall

At the Exhibit Hall, you can interact with the many vendors and sponsors supporting this event.  Each one has its own "virtual booth", with video, one-on-one chat, and digital offerings of all kinds... this might be a virtual environment, but there is still plenty of SWAG to be collected!



We also have a number of Breakout sessions you can join over the course of the event, if you are interested in more concentrated learning.  Simply click "Breakouts" above, find the presentation you're interested and sign-up.



Many of the presentations on the Main Stage will be recorded and posted on the Presentations page soon after their conclusion. There, you can re-watch presentations you may have missed, further interact with and learn more about the speaker, and obtain any documents they wish to share with you.